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Leonel Mojica, Chef de Cuisine

Leonel Mojica was born January 23, 1975 in the Dominican Republic. In 2001 at the end of his studies in Industrial Engineering he emigrated to Barcelona, Spain where he studied gastronomy, developing his passion for cooking. Leo started its work in a restaurant called Cuatro Barros De Sigtes in Spain,

acquiring experience in Mediterranean cuisine and enough knowledge to

prepare more than fifteen different paellas and tapas.


By the year 2006 he arrived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain where he worked in Xelini a restaurant that specializes in a la carte services. He had the opportunity to change the structure of the a la carte menu completely. After this, Leo continued to expand his knowledge and culinary skills once again working for a restaurant called Nimos where he was the Executive Chef for all of the Paellas. He made approximately 800 individual services in one day, which was one of the biggest sales in record for this restaurant. Mr. Mojica was then made the Sous Chef because of his amazing knowledge and

experience with combinations of international foods and tapas.


Leo has now established himself in the United States and in April 13th, 2015 had the opportunity to work with Mojo Nuevo Latino Cuisine in Waterbury, Connecticut. He is now the Chef of Cuisine where he features his main dishes of paellas and a special tapas bar menu.